Them links

Here I am again, just as promised.

The mobile app seemed to work very well, am impressed. Received the last update of it last week, for Blackberry. Thanks guys!

This week is great so far – meeting a friend that I haven’t seen in years this weekend, and another is coming down next week. Good to see old friends, especially face-to-face. And makes the things that bring us down seem less depressing, doesn’t it!

My roving across the internet has turned up some gems once again:

  1. There is the new ring mouse – which is not referring to the pest (but I am sure it could turn into one!)
  2. Fuel efficiency: 1984 style (very impressive)
  3. And you thought you knew what whiskey is made of….
  4. A much needed tool that we all need, at least sometime in our lives
  5. Have garlic breath? Here is what to do!

Just a quick hallo

Early in the morning, after fending and pampering a three-year old with a bladder infection, who is also recovering from a cold, makes me look like something out of “Night of the Living Dead”.

In my defense, I do use “product” but I don’t really know how effective it is. My wife says it is. I choose to believe her (if you can’t believe your spouse, who can you believe?!) So scratch “Night of the Living Dead” and replace with “Twilight”.


Will be posting links later today or tommorrow, this entry is 1) some venting and 2) testing out the blog’s mobile app. More importantly, it is telling the world that you should be happy, especially if you happened to have a full night sleep.

Now for the last Tuesday of the week.

Hankering for the 1st world

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy living in South Africa. We do have our benefits.

Apparently we have fantastic weather – I have to rely on the opinion of jetsetters so it is hear-say – which may count for something. And the beauty, which is something I will not dispute. This place is really beautiful.

But, for someone who really enjoys gadgets, tech products, cellphones etc., I wish I was in a first world country. The USA would be great. They seem to get all the good stuff first. South Korea is also an option, although the high population density and unique diet does not appeal to me.

Yes, I am referring to Apple’s announcement a couple of minutes ago. But not only that. Archos also recently announced their new range – which includes a 10.1″ tablet which may rival the iPad (price-wise at the very least).

There is also a timing difference when it comes to new cellphones….and then we are not guaranteed to get all the good stuff out there. Should it come, we are at the disadvantage of the exchange rates, and also have to render unto Zuma that which belongs to, well, not us.

Next is the high cost of internet connectivity – including DSL, Wi-Fi and cellular. The price has gone down since the new Seacom cable, and we are hoping the new ones are on the way. Fast. Good news is that Cell C has recently announced their 4G network, although I wonder if it is real 4G and not only souped up 3G (something like HSDPA+).

So, bearing all that in mind, the weather is nice. My family is here. I have a good job. Not complaining.

Just hankering.


  1. The Danes are reaching for the stars – with private funding
  2. Where Batman fans and motorcycles fans intersect, it comes to life
  3. Will you still have to “go” when you know where you have to “go”?
  4. Handles for milk cartons
  5. For those soon-to-be parents, this product is awesome!

Nearly Wednesday ;)

Usually we would say it is nearly weekend…but Wednesday is good enough for me.

Wednesdays give me a sense of comfort – halfway there, halfway done. In the middle, just like Malcolm. And of course, Tuesday evenings are “the night before” (just one more sleep…).

Today I found some gems on the net, made me smile really wide:

  1. Equestrian airbags (bikers…for you too)
  2. Perfect bath for small apartments
  3. Cool/geeky/nerdy nearly-all-in-one transport and blogging device
  4. Why have chairs when you can have holes in the floor?
  5. And why, then, use toothpaste too?

Does the sickness never end?!

OK, this entry is written with half a mind. Or maybe I should say half of my mind – bit distracted.

This was a loooong weekend, little sleep (especially quality-wise) and trying to be good to my sick better-half and offspring. And I suppose failing. Little sleep over a prolonged period of time is not kind to me. In actual fact, it pretty much drives me insane.

And Eltroxin is not able to help with this insanity.

But a good cure/help is laughter, and now I need to find something to laugh at. Myself not being an option.

Definitely not.

So I am hunting for something to lift my spirits….

And then found “Aliens in America” – and all was well 😀

  1. Kia has come up with a cool car – with no emissions
  2. Ladies, no more worries – you can wear a small black number and still make a call!
  3. Look – Jaws! (not)
  4. Next-gen PSP looking fine
  5. What doctors blog about!

Wish I was a superhero…

It has always been a dream of me to be a superhero, and with the advent of series such as Heroes and the 4400, my imagination is really running wild. The fact is, with those special powers come a special responsibility – and has to be practised with caution and care.

The difference between superheroes and super-villains? IMHO it points to using powers for the good of the community vs only the good of self. It is quite amazing how this message permeates even the halls of comic book heroes (for me that is). And thinking of Greek mythology, and the tragic end of many of their heroes, the message must be that we need to live heroic lives – even though we may not die in a heroic way.

Well, dying is not the end, but only the beginning. And getting to that beginning, the way we get there, now that is the heroic adventure!

  1. Seems like the days of putting our fingers in our ears to make a call is close at hand 🙂
  2. RIM calls in more help in the rumored development of the Blackpad
  3. Protect your online identity by ensuring your password > 12 characters
  4. Ideal for South African businessmen – the Invincible Jacket
  5. TOR of on-demand anonymous browsing – say no more!

The weekend is supposed to be for resting (?)


After this (short) week, I sincerely need this weekend. We had a public holiday on Monday, and yesterday half-day (had a bit of a social with colleagues). Of course, today was quite hectic (and no reference to Friday the 13th – of course!).

So the weekend is always a welcome relief, but why do I tend to feel tired on Monday? I think the day I need the weekend the most is a Monday. The rest of the week is fine. Maybe I should have a three day weekend – Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. That would be great!

Gone are the days that the weekend is for partying – the days of singleness singularity being single. Then I had an excuse for being tired on a Monday. I suppose having a three year old is more of a reason than an excuse!

Tidbits I picked up:

  1. This is a resourceful 16-year old!
  2. A viable competitive option (IMHO) to the iPad
  3. Dedicated fan + GPS = well, you have to see this for yourself…
  4. Biggest clock in the world – in Saudi
  5. “Land of the giants” – with reference to powerlines

Have an awesome weekend all!