Got me an iPad2

It has been an interesting couple of months to say the least….and quite a while since I have updated the blog. Right now I am trying out the WordPress app on the iPad, and this is a test entry, so to speak.

My previous (tech) acquisition was the Blackberry PlayBook 32gb at a fantastic price from one of our local online retailers. It was very nice. Awesome screen resolution. Loved the tethering (aka Blackberry Bridge). Perfect size for traveling. Excellent camera for both photos and video. But alas, needed some cash, so put it up for sale on Gumtree.

After a couple of weeks on the site, got a deal to swop for a iPad 2….and took it! Note the primary reason is that the iPad is more liquid and retains value for longer.

After having the iPad for a couple of weeks, I must say I am fairly ambivalent. The app selection is excellent and is definitively the drawing card for this tablet. I find the OS dated. It has been around since the first iPhone and is fairly boring. But the speed of the tablet in general is impressive. Video quality is ok, photos are fairly crappy especially after having the PlayBook.

But for some reason I am playing more with the iPad than the PlayBook – although I must confess that I only had the PlayBook for a week after updating it to OS2 (for about two months before that). We will see what the future holds in though…I see Archos has been talking of a new tablet….which may sport a quad core processor and be thinner than the iPad! Will have to keep updated on that story.

For now, I am prisoner to iOS, the AppStore and iTunes.

For now.



Archos Generation 9 Tablets Announced

Archos 80 Gen9

Archos announced the latest additions to their tablet line-up.

This includes an 8″ (1024 x 768) and 10.1″ (1280 x 800) model, both running 1.5GHz (ARM Cortex A9 OMAP 4) dual-core processors, capacities of 16GB – 250GB and 720p front facing camera.

Other features include USB, microSD, HDMI out, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, G-sensor, compass, vibrator (?), built-in speakers and mic, and built-in kick stand. It is also expected to run Honeycomb (Android).

The kicker is the price: $279 for the Archos 80 G9 and $349 for the Archos 101 G9!

Available from September on the other side of the world….

More info at Archos and Engadget sites.



Archos 101 ftw


I  have succumbed to the wiles of Archos yet again, and purchased the Archos 101. At the time it was a toss-up between the Archos 101 and iPad 1, and the Archos won hands down in all departments. Especially price.

Subsequent to the purchase, local stores dropped the price of the iPad to within R500 (+/- $70) of the Archos, which got the blood pressure slightly elevated. And the iPad 2 price point (surprisingly already available here in the stix) starting at around R4,500 (+/- $650) was relatively within reach.

The clincher does however remain Android. Actually, the Archos support by ArchosFans is invaluable. They really do stand up and support the cause, and I thank them for it. Kudos.

Now the long wait for the cover to arrive from the States. Upon receipt – watch out world! I will be travelling with my trusted Archos.

And now, to keep with tradition:

  1. Amazing what can be done with limited apartment space
  2. If only I started playing video games from a young age
  3. The Swiss rocketeer is at it again
  4. The perfect picnic table
  5. This is a must watch music video – absolutely awesome

Archos vs iPad

It has been a long while since my last post, but here I am back again.

Many a things a foot since the last post, including a new addition to my family. 😀

My big dilemma for now is the question: Archos vs iPad.

Since last year there has been a myriad tablets announced, and now we have various options (well, not locally yet, but internationally). And of course, I love me them gadgets. Already tinkering with my Archos 7 and Archos 5 Internet Tablet.

So I have the upcoming opportunity to consider either Archos 101 or iPad. And thinking long and hard about it, considering all, the choice is: open system/fair display vs closed system/good display.

Oh, and of course, the Archos has USB/mini-HDMI out/expandable memory/no need to change video codecs.

And cheaper/lighter/thinner.

So ja, I think I may have gone into this post with my mind made up already. First prize would be to own both 😉

Thursday, Friday and before we know it, Monday!

The benefit of living in South Africa is that Summer is on the way. Spring has come, apparently, but is now more evident – and the weather has been great for the past couple of days. Pity the rain is going to start within the next day or two.

Pity, of course, for my friends and family – I prefer the rain. Soothing, refreshing and cleansing. One of those things. Sunshine is great too, but my motto is: when you get hot, you can only take off that many clothes but when you are cold, pile ’em on!

There is much ado in the world of technology. Never a dull moment!

  1. This watch reminds me of those 3-D pictures (sitting cross-eyed, trying to make out the picture)
  2. For Dr Who fans (and who isn’t?)
  3. Blackberry has introduced its new toy and how it compares to the competition
  4. Had one of these as a toy when I was a child – now you can have one made – life size!
  5. An amazing story – ingenious!

Weekends rock, weekends roll and weekends fly past. I suppose when you are bored, it drags by, but with much to do things really move fast. But either way, December is nearly here, then leave for a month!

So have a good rest-of-the-week and weekend!

Sunday… :)


And welcome back to my blog. It has been a while, much has happened in the world since my last post, so much that there is no way that I can discuss or redirect from just this blog.

But then again, I am pretty picky as well, so here is my pick ….. for now 🙂

  1. Biggest wind farm – on the sea
  2. The first human to fly 😉
  3. Facebookers – beware
  4. Terry Pratchett made a sword
  5. The ultimate wallet

The week lies ahead. More water, more sleep and more exercise is my aim…we will see whether this will be the case.

Have a good one!

Quick Rant

This is one of those quick, intense rants.

I just read that the majority of UK residents do not want to contribute to Pope Benedict XVI’s visit. The article is mischievous as it states that people are charged to go to mass.

Paragraph 5 however states that the prices “include transport to the venues and a “pilgrim pack” “.

Now let’s us put our thinking caps on. I suspect that a package was presented as an option for potential mass goers, which provides the above. There is no mention of a “cover charge” at the entrance of the church.

We will wait fervently for news of any mass goers who were turned away at the doors of the church.

In any event, I would not have a problem to pay for the above “package” (even if it includes the mass – i.e. paying for security of the Holy Father, travel expenses, etc.). To attend mass offered by the Holy Father is a once-in-a-lifetime for most Catholics.

Ja, this article smacks of anti-Catholic sentiment.

I say if the Brits don’t want him, send him here. I am willing to fork out the cash to help get him here.

Clearly the research done by Theos shows that money is more important.

Come to think of it, I shouldn’t be surprised.

You can’t serve God and Mammon at the same time.