Archos 101 ftw


I  have succumbed to the wiles of Archos yet again, and purchased the Archos 101. At the time it was a toss-up between the Archos 101 and iPad 1, and the Archos won hands down in all departments. Especially price.

Subsequent to the purchase, local stores dropped the price of the iPad to within R500 (+/- $70) of the Archos, which got the blood pressure slightly elevated. And the iPad 2 price point (surprisingly already available here in the stix) starting at around R4,500 (+/- $650) was relatively within reach.

The clincher does however remain Android. Actually, the Archos support by ArchosFans is invaluable. They really do stand up and support the cause, and I thank them for it. Kudos.

Now the long wait for the cover to arrive from the States. Upon receipt – watch out world! I will be travelling with my trusted Archos.

And now, to keep with tradition:

  1. Amazing what can be done with limited apartment space
  2. If only I started playing video games from a young age
  3. The Swiss rocketeer is at it again
  4. The perfect picnic table
  5. This is a must watch music video – absolutely awesome

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