Them links

Here I am again, just as promised.

The mobile app seemed to work very well, am impressed. Received the last update of it last week, for Blackberry. Thanks guys!

This week is great so far – meeting a friend that I haven’t seen in years this weekend, and another is coming down next week. Good to see old friends, especially face-to-face. And makes the things that bring us down seem less depressing, doesn’t it!

My roving across the internet has turned up some gems once again:

  1. There is the new ring mouse – which is not referring to the pest (but I am sure it could turn into one!)
  2. Fuel efficiency: 1984 style (very impressive)
  3. And you thought you knew what whiskey is made of….
  4. A much needed tool that we all need, at least sometime in our lives
  5. Have garlic breath? Here is what to do!

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