Hankering for the 1st world

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy living in South Africa. We do have our benefits.

Apparently we have fantastic weather – I have to rely on the opinion of jetsetters so it is hear-say – which may count for something. And the beauty, which is something I will not dispute. This place is really beautiful.

But, for someone who really enjoys gadgets, tech products, cellphones etc., I wish I was in a first world country. The USA would be great. They seem to get all the good stuff first. South Korea is also an option, although the high population density and unique diet does not appeal to me.

Yes, I am referring to Apple’s announcement a couple of minutes ago. But not only that. Archos also recently announced their new range – which includes a 10.1″ tablet which may rival the iPad (price-wise at the very least).

There is also a timing difference when it comes to new cellphones….and then we are not guaranteed to get all the good stuff out there. Should it come, we are at the disadvantage of the exchange rates, and also have to render unto Zuma that which belongs to, well, not us.

Next is the high cost of internet connectivity – including DSL, Wi-Fi and cellular. The price has gone down since the new Seacom cable, and we are hoping the new ones are on the way. Fast. Good news is that Cell C has recently announced their 4G network, although I wonder if it is real 4G and not only souped up 3G (something like HSDPA+).

So, bearing all that in mind, the weather is nice. My family is here. I have a good job. Not complaining.

Just hankering.


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