Does the sickness never end?!

OK, this entry is written with half a mind. Or maybe I should say half of my mind – bit distracted.

This was a loooong weekend, little sleep (especially quality-wise) and trying to be good to my sick better-half and offspring. And I suppose failing. Little sleep over a prolonged period of time is not kind to me. In actual fact, it pretty much drives me insane.

And Eltroxin is not able to help with this insanity.

But a good cure/help is laughter, and now I need to find something to laugh at. Myself not being an option.

Definitely not.

So I am hunting for something to lift my spirits….

And then found “Aliens in America” – and all was well 😀

  1. Kia has come up with a cool car – with no emissions
  2. Ladies, no more worries – you can wear a small black number and still make a call!
  3. Look – Jaws! (not)
  4. Next-gen PSP looking fine
  5. What doctors blog about!

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