Wish I was a superhero…

It has always been a dream of me to be a superhero, and with the advent of series such as Heroes and the 4400, my imagination is really running wild. The fact is, with those special powers come a special responsibility – and has to be practised with caution and care.

The difference between superheroes and super-villains? IMHO it points to using powers for the good of the community vs only the good of self. It is quite amazing how this message permeates even the halls of comic book heroes (for me that is). And thinking of Greek mythology, and the tragic end of many of their heroes, the message must be that we need to live heroic lives – even though we may not die in a heroic way.

Well, dying is not the end, but only the beginning. And getting to that beginning, the way we get there, now that is the heroic adventure!

  1. Seems like the days of putting our fingers in our ears to make a call is close at hand 🙂
  2. RIM calls in more help in the rumored development of the Blackpad
  3. Protect your online identity by ensuring your password > 12 characters
  4. Ideal for South African businessmen – the Invincible Jacket
  5. TOR of on-demand anonymous browsing – say no more!

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