The weekend is supposed to be for resting (?)


After this (short) week, I sincerely need this weekend. We had a public holiday on Monday, and yesterday half-day (had a bit of a social with colleagues). Of course, today was quite hectic (and no reference to Friday the 13th – of course!).

So the weekend is always a welcome relief, but why do I tend to feel tired on Monday? I think the day I need the weekend the most is a Monday. The rest of the week is fine. Maybe I should have a three day weekend – Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. That would be great!

Gone are the days that the weekend is for partying – the days of singleness singularity being single. Then I had an excuse for being tired on a Monday. I suppose having a three year old is more of a reason than an excuse!

Tidbits I picked up:

  1. This is a resourceful 16-year old!
  2. A viable competitive option (IMHO) to the iPad
  3. Dedicated fan + GPS = well, you have to see this for yourself…
  4. Biggest clock in the world – in Saudi
  5. “Land of the giants” – with reference to powerlines

Have an awesome weekend all!


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