Status Quo


Back into some 70’s music, and right now, can you believe, Status Quo! Started listening to them ages ago when my father told me it was one of his hit bands back in the day.

Album=12 Gold Bars.

Yep, imagining him in bell-bottoms and with a semi-fro’, now that is a treat (ok, I also have seen some pics 🙂 ).

OK, so some of this may be old hat of those on FB, but…

  1. How Japanese schoolgirls started a mobile phone revolution (the subject line quoted verbatim – couldn’t put it better myself!)
  2. Remember Quantum Leap? Now, we hope, the movie! (Yay)
  3. New solar power technology which uses both light and heat to generate electricity
  4. Future of advertising graffiti urban art (’nuff said)
  5. Eskom+South African Winter+roughage=special needs TP

And, finally, why Farmville may give you a bad temper – and bad breath 😉 (ok, I may have missed the point, but this was priceless!)


ps Look here after you checked the “Farmville” link above… 😀


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