My eyes are feeling the strain after working through 20,000+ songs to check duplicates. This after a day at the office, where my eye are tested in every way, from checking e-mails, financial statements, reports, projections etc.

But no complaints! I enjoyed the sorting endeavor, stuff like this makes me happy. Order out of chaos and all that. I am sure that between Freud and Jung they would have had ample theories about me, but I have my moments, as I’m sure all of you have.

My next aim is to get all my books sorted – there is this lovely site called Shelfari which is fantastic at cataloging your books, where you can assign ratings, do your own report, and then view your own virtual bookshelf with the covers on it as well! The best is you can invite friends, and I am sure this will help with those of you that have a book club out there.

So, enjoy, and I am sure we are all looking forward to September, when The Big Bang Theory and Chuck Season 4 is bound to start!


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