To have a job or to work for a Jobs

OK, so the Apple PR machine is rolling over all the problems. Well, we should have known that there would have been no recall, and I guessed that the free cover would be the only (noteworthy) announcement.

Just a question – doesn’t it make more sense to put the 3G antenna at the top of the phone (and not on either side/side and bottom)? It did work for the older phones, didn’t it?

There has been quite some interesting things happening in the world at large since my last post, very interesting and far too many to mention, but …..

  1. Trust the Japanese to get 100GB on a single disc
  2. Alternatives to the iPad and where they are
  3. Had an absolute blast last night, checking out The Big Four
  4. Chuck starts 20/09/2010 but what the…?? Dolf Lundgren??
  5. The Big Bang Theory Season 4 starts 23/09/2010….bazinga! (not đŸ™‚ )

It’s the weekend, baby! Enjoy!


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