Been a while!

Hi again

It has been a while since my last entry, I have many reasons (or excuses, you choose) but here I am again, on the eve of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, hosted here in South Africa.

Since my last update, I have changed phones yet again, and currently am the proud owned of the HTC HD2. Now MTN must just get their behinds in order and get BIS loaded so that I can use my Blackberry functionality on it.

  1. We all should know about the iPhone 4 by now (don’t be fooled by the $199 price tag – that is just the pay-in on an AT&T 24 month contract if I have it right)
  2. Things you should know before buying a new monitor/LCD/panel/TV….
  3. See some information about Cape Town and the current World Cup event
  4. Using-the-heat-from-your-feet-to-generate-electricity-boots
  5. Not to leave us bored with our furniture, Ikea’s project on self-arranging furniture

The next couple of weeks will hopefully result in the world finding out that South Africa is not a region of Africa, but a country.


May the best team win.


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