Another quicky

It has been a while since my last blog.


Someone has to do it!

Also catching up on a bit of Chuck and The Big Bang Theory. I am really enjoying the direction that Chuck is taking (just finished watching S03E06) and BBT is always fun (S03E22). Keeps me happy. And happy means less stress, especially in these stressful times.

I haven’t been on top of news these days – mainly focusing on the agricultural industry in this part of the world. Again, work. Will sure try to get on top of things this week, so to speak.

Still enjoying my phone – HTC Desire – really rocks! And the Sense UI is fantastic. Love the fact that I have the option to fill all 7 homescreens, as I wish. The CPU is fast – 1GHz to be exact – and the 567-odd MB ROM does help. I like! Camera is not too shabby either – struggles a bit in the low light, especially when you use the video camera – 5MP does more than I need for now. Got a 8GB memory card in there as well – loads of space to load apps (although dedicated space is limited for apps – hopefully this will change with an upgrade from Android 2.1 to maybe 2.2?) Have had to switch auto-sync off, data-bundle issues, thus the battery is lasting the best of 2 days.

Looking forward to seeing the new iPhone, and maybe an iPad in real life – soon!


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