My Polo is cool :)

So, my aircon switches on all by itself – seemingly at random.

Phoned the dealers, they booked it in, and guess what?

The moment I change the air-vent direction to blow on the windscreen, the car computes “de-mist!” and the aircon dutifully kicks in to remove any potential mist on the inside of the windscreen.

I like! And the dealers didn’t know this until I asked.

Crazy, we would have thought they would know. But the craziness doesn’t stop there….

  1. Readers of smut can check out Playboy in 3D
  2. Trust the Russians to want to nuke the source of the oil spill – it helps!
  3. Protect your head! Wear a tinfoil hat!
  4. How clean is your bathroom?
  5. We need this here – use your mobile phone as credit card machine

May the force be with you!


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