Ja, that guy that gave us “upmarket” sleaze joints has come and gone.

Now the question is, are we better or worse off? Who will take his place, and fulfill the “function” of giving oglers their fix?

Who knows. And frankly, who cares. As long as my money doesn’t go into their pockets – me happy.

However, this whole event does make for good reading:

  1. The story of the hitman, the international fugitive and the slain sleaze supplier
  2. Which is funnier? The burglars with GPS tracking devices or the nightingale faeces facial?
  3. Scientist have used lasers to “create” rain clouds
  4. For all current and prospective moms – you can find the best and worst countries to be moms in here
  5. For all us clutterers – tips and motivational help

A great weekend to all!

p.s.  Honorable mention: check out the Dutch Marines taking on Somali pirates here….awesome 🙂


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