Money makes the world go around

Here we are, back from another fruitful day at the office, enriching ourselves and our employer/s.

But imagine working for a bonus which you have to share with your co-workers.


Although, chances are, their employer would not need to ask for an increase in their own overdraft to afford paying the bonus, especially if you look at their stats……:

  1. Our local soccer team, Bafana, have been offered R1mil to share for each goal scored at the World Cup
  2. Yes, Darwin Awards includes a proudly South African entry (hmmm, at least the IQ per capita increased as a result)
  3. More photo’s of the expected Blackberry slider
  4. Can you imagine the offspring if anyone gets married after meeting at Apple’s new dating website! Noooooo000000!
  5. Cute creature of the day: Western European Hedgehog (aaaawwwwwwww 🙂 )

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