The night before the weekend…

We are waiting on another lekker weekend – firstly because the weekend is lekker by default, and secondly, well, more sleep.

Not much in it today, no spectacular event that comes to mind bar Vista Service Pack 2 installing itself on my machine.

And then, some tidbits:

  1. The FDA seems to have approved a “vaccine” for prostrate cancer (note, not preventative but assists longevity)
  2. Guess what? A remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. (!) Yes, you read right!
  3. DARPA has been funding some scientists, who have developed a cheap, thin film that converts infrared light into visible light (cool)
  4. Although the article discusses wireless routers, this pic was so cute, I had to include it here!
  5. Last but not least – please VOTE HERE! The Aussies are trying to take the name for Acacias away from us, looking at using this name exclusively for themselves! We beat them in rugby, let them not beat us in this!

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