Lack of sleep = insanity

Did you hear about the Chinese torture method of putting a bucket over your head, and letting water drip on it?



Now, according to some out there, the worst type of torture is sleep deprivation. I can vouch for that. And it is not even self-imposed! But that is the cross we bear for having offspring 🙂

In other news though:

  1. Apple must have complained about the iPhone4G they lost – Jason Chen from Gizmodo was unlucky to be visited by California’s REACT who confiscated all his toys. This after the guy who found it in the first place tried to return it to them, and they didn’t believe him!
  2. Microsoft has tried (and succeeded) in hunting down some more money – this time targeting HTC and their use of Android ito licensing agreements…
  3. Some say the grounding of all air travel due to the volcano on Iceland may have been an overreaction.
  4. Sandra Bullock has filed to divorce her husband, Jesse James.
  5. The New Giulietta is looking as good as ever (the one we saw at Cape Point).

Then for us Big Bang Theory Fans:


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