Just penning down a few ideas….

Found a local business doing prefab houses – very interesting – did not know that they are locally available and look good! The price is the problem though (that is, how much?).

Then, an idea re cellphones. And maybe even general gadgets. We get the opportunity to see trailers in order to see how good a movie will be. We can test drive cars to see how it goes, whether we like the feel, etc. What about cellphones? What about gadgets? I am not aware of any place where we can test new cellphones, take them for a “ride”. All we can do is look at Youtube videos, other people unboxing an playing with them.

If only I had the capital to do this….imagine having a job where gadgets get sent to you to test, and give an opinion….lucky man!

So ja, this is Friday evening. Family asleep. I should be on my way too.


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