Volcanoes – Act of God?


In an era of secularism, where especially first world countries tend to move from traditional religion to gnosticism, agnosticism, atheism and related beliefs, volcanoes are still seen as an “Act of God”.

More than 500,000 people have been affected by the recent volcanic activity in Iceland, due to cancelled flights in Europe. Serious economic implications for importers to the EU – see Kenya. Tourists and business persons stuck across the world. Business are suffering. People are seriously outside of their comfort zone (and budgets – see tourists).

This includes people of all religions, beliefs and – for lack of a better term – non-beliefs. Yet, when you look at insurance claims related to the volcano, it is seen as an act of God. Something outside our control. Something we cannot predict. Totally unexpected.

All I can say is: thank you God for being there. And looking after us. For creation, which has not come to fruition yet, but is still in process. The earth groans with growing pains, there is death, there is new life. People are late for appointments. Cannot reach their destinies on time.

An act of God? I believe them. The next question must then be: why? To what end? What is the reason for this, the purpose? Is there a higher purpose?

Yes, it is part of creation, the process of life under way. I also believe it is time for us to not only say  “it is an act of God”  for insurance purposes.

I believe it is time to say “it is an act of God” for our souls benefit. This is another opportunity God is affording us to return our focus to Him. He is very patient with us, in my opinion. All the signs of His presence are there, of His power, His might. Economic disaster, to take our focus away from the modernistic materialism. Tsunamis to remind us of his omnipotence, His power. Earthquakes to remind us of His voice, His plan for us, what He wants from us.

Volcanoes as a reminder that His time is not our time. His plans not our plans. He warns us, guides us, and it is up to us whether we will listen.

If we do not listen, well, then, so be it. We will inevitably be the masters of our own downfall.


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