Another long day after a longer night…

Not sure why they call it the terrible two’s – my daughter has been quite fantastic. But now, just before her third birthday, that strong will is coming to the fore. Discovery of self. Discovery of will. All I know is, she has both, squared. And it is becoming more challenging, especially in the middle of the night!

Last night was a long night, with little sleep, and sleepy negotiations with a nearly-three-year-old. Then I got up and sorted it out – my poor wife had to bear the brunt of the negotiations. Papa came to the rescue. We slept. It was nice, the entire +/- 4 hours (broken).

Good news is that UPS have already confirmed my shipping details, and my toy is bound to be shipped very soon. Can’t wait 🙂 Already watched several YouTube video’s on the unboxing. Fantastic!

I am also reconsidering my position on the iPad. The moment I have some spare cash lying around, it may an option. Apple products are just very pretty. The thing is, they are pretty expensive – I think the budget would only be able to accommodate that purchase once the 2nd or 3rd generation appears.

Another fantastic idea I heard on the radio today – provide all students with e-readers (such as the Amazon Kindle). That way, all the text books only need to be downloaded onto it, fantastic battery life, all textbooks in one small package, light, portable, and all-in-all would be much cheaper than all the textbooks!

A nicer option would be iPad’s for all, but that is just crazy. No studying would be done!


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