Ikea (I wish)

This is a general question that I am putting out there.

Are we the only South Africans living in a small house/apartment? Has anyone tried to buy furniture for a small place anywhere here? It seems to me that the furniture shops only cater for people who want huge couches, huge entertainment systems, huge, huge, huge.

What about small, practical and multiple purpose? What about something functional? What about taking some lead from Ikea?

And, moving swiftly to the next question, why is there no Ikea in South Africa (or in Africa for that matter). Ok, looking at our political environment, and that of the entire African continent, that should be a no-brainer, but I see that they have opened some stores in South America. Surely we can’t be much worse than them? (that is a rhetorical one 😉 )

So, if anyone out there can help me with a place, which is reasonably priced, that caters specifically for my (and many thousands of other South Africans) small place, I will be much obliged. If not, I need a business partner with some serious capital.

I am thinking of opening an Ikea 🙂

P.S. a possible solution for our housing problem: BoKlok


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